Sunday, September 26, 2010

nothing last night it rained

But on a side note for those of you whom own a turbo charged car it is always a good practice to every couple of months remove your front mount intercooler and pour some gas in it , shake it and drain . Blow by oil can cake up and make for bad airflow which can cause boost lag or loss in power. Thats allfor today

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Since many of you have asked about it

NO that picture is not my car I own two cars currently . One being a 95 eclipse GSX and the other is and 99 GST . The GST is in shambles right now in the process of being built  my GSX is the car I usually end u p driving . Most people call me a ricer because i put a kit on the front and skirts then a spoiler . However I did that more so on purpose to attract attention . When you are pushin about 300 - 320 hp to all wheels  with just a couple of mods I don't think its ricer since it runs on most cars around here , there are a few nice turbo cars out here i run with that are quicker but I haven't even had time to swap to a bigger turbo yet LOL . I'll be posting more pics when i get home today I am on my buddys comp right now

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tonight was odd

Well I went out as usual .. oddly enough not alot happened it seemed ot be rather dead in the race scene out there . But I managed to livin it up abit . I hit up the local spots people hang out in and showed some people what drifting is and it was a blast. Sorry for no new race updates but so far it seems alot of people have their cars put away and people like drifiting alot

Today on the street

Well like usual most of the time I'm out and about just cruising around . This blog is set up so I can give in detail how the racing scene is going . I was out the other day ( wednesday) and I so happened to run into yet ANOTHER civic.. go figure they always love to race. So I go from a roll just to give him a chance , not much of one seeing as I'm pushing near 300 + horse with a turbo . So needless to say that was the only race I've had this week and it was pretty easily won